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A advertisement section where we have two types of ads listing one with grids and the other one with list view latest ads, popular ads & random ads also featured ads wil show below.



For  30  Day Only

  • 0  Featured ads availability
  • 10  Regular ads availability
  • For  30  Day Only
  • Free ad plan is a free regular plan that incures no payment for the users. This plan only allows 5 items to be posted. This is beneficial to people who do not have much to advertise. Especially private users who just want to sell one or two things old or new.



For  Days 30  Day Only

  • Go Standard for now.
  • Standard Price on Katakara-Enterprisesa-Enterprises is a value for money rate that makes advertising affordable for small businesses. The price affords the user to post up to 50 standard items, boosted fonts, and framed wordings for 30 days. Advertisers has the advantage of either upload their products themselves or employs the affordable service of our dedicated staff to do it for them.
  • 0  Featured ads availability
  • 50  Regular ads availability
  • For  Days 30  Day Only



For  30  Day Only

  • Go Platinum for maximum benefits now
  • Platinum price is an upscale plan with low scale price for midrange to almost big businesses. With up to 100 items available for posting, there is no doubt that this plan is very good value for money. The plan enjoys up to 5 featured ads, framed and bigger fonts, for 30 days. Users also have the choice of either relisting their products themselves or use the service of our staff.
  • 2  Featured ads availability
  • 200  Regular ads availability
  • For  30  Day Only



For  30  Day Only

  • Maximise your benefits with Premium now
  • 5  Featured ads availability
  • 500  Regular ads availability
  • For  30  Day Only
  • Premium ad is the ultimate advertisement tailored towards the choice of the users that prefer the biggest, bolder, and the most imposing ad on offer on our website. Th ough this type of ad incurs payment, it is still a value for money ad, considering the instant benefits provided for the user. Everyone acknowledges that the bolder and bigger an ad is, the more noticeable and economically rewarding it will be. This plan affords the user unlimited posts, and up to ten featured ads, and free relisting service after payment. Our premium ad is not only beneficially advantageous, it is affordable too. Check out the details on our pricing plan page please.

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